We Can Always Bounce Back and Begin Again

Does anyone else seem to always kill their plants? No matter what I do, sunshine, no sunshine or too much sunshine, watering too much or too little, I can’t ever seem to get it just right.

Today it has been downpouring with thunder and lightning. After a few hours of the rain coming down hard, I realized my plants that need minimal water and that I sat outside for some sunshine the other day, were soaking in puddles of water. Keep reading, I promise this post is about mental health.

So now after this storm, I was pretty worried that I killed yet another set of plants. But then I remembered something my mom said the other day after the last big storm. She said to me that the plants she has, always find a way to bounce back.

And what she said and what happened today, made me realize that we too, always can find a way to bounce back. Maybe you didn’t water yourself enough, but those around you still wanted you to water them. Maybe you didn’t get enough sunshine, but those around you expect you to be a ray of sunshine for them. Maybe you are feeling tired, weak, exhausted. However, the beauty of life is that we do not need to stay in those tough places. We do not have to stay without enough water. We can choose to fill ourselves with water and to fill ourselves with love, affirmations and hope.

These plants that I am trying to keep alive are reminding me that it’s okay that they got overwatered today. They will be okay. And the same for us. If you gave yourself an abundance of love or received an abundance of love, remind yourself that the moment wasn’t selfish, but that it was a moment for the abundance of love to help you to grow.

I am still learning how to care for my plants, just like every day I am still learning how to care for myself. It is a journey for sure, but just like anything else, you can always find your balance of what works well for you and stick to that as much as you can. But always remember, that even if you messed up and gave too much of yourself to someone else before giving to yourself, or if you were hurtful to yourself, or if you are feeling bad about a decision you made, remember you can always, always bounce back. A good friend recently told me that she views life as a bunch of starting lines. You can always start again, with renewed strength every time.

And you can remind yourself that maybe the storms aren’t all bad, maybe they are just a way to create an avenue for us to grow strong, tall, smart, beautiful and into the very person we were meant to be. If my plants can do it, I truly believe that you can too.

Keep going.


Be Beautifully Simply You