My Whole World Was Anxiety…

I am a senior at Anderson High School. Throughout my life I’ve had many mental challenges. When I was little my dad passed away and since then I have dealt with extreme anxiety and compulsions. I would be scared all the time of dying or of other people dying and have tendencies to do small rituals thinking that would save me or someone else from death.

My whole world was my anxiety. I was very traumatized, but with the help from therapy and medication I have grown a lot. I recently have struggled more with depression. At the end of junior year I became very sad. I hated leaving the house or completing everyday activities. I no longer wanted to go out with my friends or participate in activities. I had very bad nights were I struggled with self harm and thought about self harm. One night it got so bad I was having suicidal thoughts and I didn’t know what to with myself. I talked to my mom the very next morning. She got me back into therapy and my depression medicine was raised.

Im officially over 100 days clean from self harm and I’ve learned a lot. What helped me get through was my friends who continuously checked on me and showed me love and I hope sharing this encourages others to spread love like that as well.