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Anxiety & Uncertainty – Adjusting & Understanding

The Covid-19 virus is affecting our daily lives in unprecedented ways.  These articles and expert advice help 1N5 share information to help all of us understand, adapt, address, and cope with our mental health concerns surrounding the current medical crisis.
At Home Activities
We’ve compiled some activities for each age group to help promote your mental wellness.

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Covid-19 and Mental Health Videos

Brain Break: Baby Shark Dance

Courtney from Mission2Move is back this week with a fun way to get your body up and moving and give your brain a break with this Baby Shark Dance! Follow along to learn the dance moves! Added bonus: Mission2Move videos count toward your #milesformentalhealth minutes!

Brain Break: Ogres, Wizards, & Elves

Are you ready to get your bodies moving and test your magical skills with this fun game from Courtney of Mission2Move? Grab a sibling or parent and give your brain a break with this game of Ogres, Wizards, & Elves! Follow along to learn how to play!

Your Most Important Job as a Parent

Dr. Ann-Louise Lockhart, PsyD, ABPP of A New Day Pediatric Psychology is back this week with some wisdom on the importance of parent-child relationships. Watch the video and read what she has to say below! Never focus on changing your child’s behavior that you forget to have a relationship with them. I know It’s frustrating to try to raise an …

Vaughn Shares His #CopingWithCOVID Journey

Vaughn Robison, a senior at Turpin High School, is sharing how he’s #CopingWithCOVID and what it’s been like to have the rest of his senior year moved online. He recommends taking time each day to be thankful and try to stay positive!

Brain Break: Rock, Paper, Scissors

Get yourself moving and give your brain a chance to recharge with this FULL BODY Rock, Paper, Scissors game! Grab a partner and follow along with Courtney from Mission2Move as she teaches you how to play!

Brain Break: Raining Tacos

Need a little break to get your body moving and give your brain a chance to reset? Follow along with this Raining Tacos dance by Courtney from Mission2Move! Get your whole family to join in for a dance party!

The Power of Language: Stagnation vs. Movement

Dr. Ann-Louise Lockhart, PsyD, ABPP of A New Day Pediatric Psychology is back this week to discuss the power of language, our responses to different words or situations, and what that means in the situation we are all in now. Check out more on this topic from Dr. Lockhart below, and watch the video to hear her go more in-depth! …

Recovery in Quarantine

Katy Turner is sharing how her routine is keeping her body and mind healthy through this transitional period. She has been clean and sober for five years and notes that virtual meetings have been helpful for her sobriety in quarantine. Follow along as she talks about routine being essential to her recovery at this time!

Brain Break: Wind Breathing

Anyone need a little extra calm in their life right now? Follow along with Ashley from Mission2Move as she shows you how to center yourself with a wind breathing exercise to calm yourself and give your brain a break!

Marcia Shares a Way to De-Stress Through Mindful Movement

Marcia Miller, owner of Yoga on High and lifelong yoga teacher and yoga therapist, is sharing how to release anxiety through the feet and legs. Follow along as she teaches you how to let go of anxious energy!

Find Relief in Humor

Sally Baucke, RN, BSN, and touring comedian with the name Funny Gal Sal, is sharing how she copes with physical and emotional pain through humor. She notes that humor and anxiety can’t live in the same space, so you can use humor as a way to displace anxiety! Follow along for suggestions on something to watch to make you laugh out …

Brain Break: Rock Band

Are you ready for a de-stressing rock sesh? Follow along with this Mission2Move video! Grab your air guitar, and get ready to move your body and reset your mind. Get the whole family involved to complete the band!

Accepting What Is and Staying Positive

Dr. Ann-Louise Lockhart, PsyD, ABPP of A New Day Pediatric Psychology, PLLC is back this week to discuss how to accept what is happening and stay positive when things are so confusing and abnormal right now. Read on and watch the video to see what she has to say!  With all the things happening in the world, how do you …

Create Your Happy Place

Sarah Coyne, a 1N5 brand ambassador, is sharing her #CopingwithCOVID story on how she’s maintaining her mental and physical health during quarantine. She talks about how important it is to make your space reflect the way you want to feel, especially now that we’re all #stayingathome!

Do What Makes You Happy

Katherine is sharing how she’s still keeping it moving during quarantine and finding time to fit in doing what she loves! Hope all of you warriors are doing the same!

Brain Break: Obstacle Course

Who wants to go on an adventure and get your body moving at the same time? Follow along with Courtney from Mission2Move as she shows you how to make an obstacle course from things in your house!

Lindsay Teaches How to Dance Out Jitters

Lindsay Spreng, a dance teacher at West Clermont High School, is sharing how to use dance as a way to get your body moving and produce endorphins, or “happy hormones,” during this #stayathome order. Follow along as she teaches you a quick and easy jazz dance!

Beating the Social Isolation Blues

On Saturday, April 4th, Pete Mesrin, LPCC-S, talked about how social isolation, caused by social distancing, can impact depression. He recommends staying connected, staying active, and staying positive to beat those social isolation blues! Watch the video for more on how to battle depression during social distancing.

Brain Break: Transformer Challenge

On Friday, April 3rd, Courtney from Mission2Move led a Transformer Challenge to transform your bodies (and minds) for a quick brain break! Watch the video to follow along with the quick challenge!

Your Parent Superpower: Co-Regulation

On Thursday, April 2nd, Dr. Ann-Louise Lockhart, PsyD, ABPP of A New Day Pediatric Psychology, shared a video discussing the importance of co-regulation in parenting. What is Co-Regulation and Self Regulation?  Why is it important for parents and children?  Co-Regulation occurs before self-regulation.  Co-Regulation is the ability to monitor, to discipline, to be able to keep yourself in balance when …

Allie Shares Her #CopingwithCOVID Story

On Wednesday, April 1st, Allie Owen shared how she is #CopingwithCOVID by creating a routine in these uncertain times. She talks about how having a routine can help relieve stress. She also says not to put too much pressure on yourself right now. It’s okay if you’re just doing your best!

Pat Shares His Routine During Coronavirus

On Tuesday, March 31st, Pat Coyne, founder of Black Sheep Performance, shared how he’s spending the coronavirus quarantine time focusing on personal growth. He has been able to establish and maintain a routine, and he says starting the day by writing in his gratitude journal prepares him to face the day with a positive mindset.

Brain Break: Pirate Playtime

On Monday, March 30th, Mission2Move shared a Pirate Playtime video to give you a brain break during this time where many of you are starting remote learning. When you need a break, just follow this pirate’s lead to get your body moving, your mind a rest, and to reset your focus! Click here to watch the video!

Teresa Shares Breathing and Yoga Practices

On Sunday, March 29th, Teresa Eigel from Om The Day shared ways to use breathing and yoga practices to work through the stress and anxiety many of us are feeling right now. Follow along as she teaches these practices!

Coach Stu Encourages Student Athletes to Stay Motivated

On Saturday, March 28th, Coach Stu Holt shared a message to all the student athletes who are currently missing out on their season. He encouraged players to stay motivated and use this time to keep working on themselves both physically and mentally. We’ll continue posting videos to help #spreadlovenotgerms and #bemindfulnotfearful while #copingwithcovid!

Copy Cat Workout

On Friday, March 27th, Ashley from Mission2Move shared a copy cat workout to get your body moving and work out all those stay-at-home jitters. Follow along with her as she walks you through it! Check back Monday for some more #homeworkouts from M2M!

Parenting with a Plan: Homebound Edition

On Thursday, March 26th, Dr. Ann-Louise Lockhart, PsyD, ABPP, of A New Day Pediatric Psychology discussed parenting under the new shelter-in-place order. With the current global health crisis, your work may have been suspended or switched to flexible work arrangements. Local stores are closed to avoid crowds. Your favorite restaurant is only allowing for carryout orders. The most common is …

Katie Shares Inspiring Message with College Students

On Tuesday, March 24th, mental health warrior Katie Bergmann shared an incredibly encouraging message for all of the college and high school students out there who are having a tough time coping with this situation. She reminds all the students who are struggling to adjust to this new schedule that they are not alone, this is not permanent, and they …

Brain Break: Cardio Challenge

On Monday, March 23rd, Courtney from Mission2Move shared an exercise sequence to kick off your week and break up your children’s schoolwork or just get your body moving. Click here to watch and follow along! Check back Friday for a new M2M video to close out the week! If you would like to share a video to #spreadlovenotgerms and #bemindfulnotfearful during this …

Meriden Shares a Stress Relieving Breathing Exercise

Today, Meriden McGraw, MPH, MBSR, is sharing her favorite breathing exercise for stress reduction, which is especially effective for acute stress, such as what many of us are experiencing in our current situation. Listen and watch along as she guides you through an inhale-exhale breath! We will continue sharing videos to help guide you through the stress of Coronavirus. If …

Counselor Shares Tips on Parenting Through Coronavirus

On Saturday, March 21st, Stacey Hoffman, LPCC, shared helpful tips on #parentingthroughcoronavirus. In her video, she notes that many people across the world, children and adults alike, are struggling to cope with the fear and anxiety caused by COVID-19. As a mother herself, she discusses the responsibilities that parents have to help their children work through this time of uncertainty. …

Hand Breathing for Kids

Sarah Habib, founder of Mission2Move—a chronic stress prevention program that seeks to improve academic performance and the social and emotional behavior of kids through movement and mindfulness—is sharing a meditation tool for kids to use at home to reduce stress and maintain control. Click here to follow along with the video! We will be posting Mission2Move videos every Monday and Friday for …

How Do You Prepare for the Unexpected?

Dr. Ann-Louise T. Lockhart, PsyD, ABPP, a Pediatric Psychologist and Parent Coach from A New Day Pediatric Psychology, is sharing ways to work through this uncharted territory we are all in. In the coming weeks, we will continue sharing videos like these to #spreadlovenotgerms and #bemindfulnotfearful during these uncertain times. If you would like to share a video to promote …

Tiffany Shares Her #WarriorWednesday Story on Coronavirus Anxiety

It’s #WarriorWednesday and today, Dr. Tiffany Buller-Schussler from Tri-State Family Dentistry is here sharing her new struggles as a local NKY mom and small business owner. She’s currently feeling the hardships of providing for her family and retaining her staff amidst having to close her practice indefinitely. She reminds us all that it’s important to feel your feelings, that it’s okay to …

Kindergarten Teacher Shares Fun St. Patrick’s Day Craft

Today, Ingrid Mongenas, a kindergarten teacher, is sharing a fun St. Patrick’s Day themed craft for parents and kids to do together at home! With school being out due to the coronavirus, Ingrid will be sharing DIY craft videos on her Facebook and Instagram, Follow along with her videos, some of which we’ll be sharing, for some fun at-home …

Psychotherapist Shares Mental Health Guidelines for Coronavirus

In the midst of all the changes happening around us, we know many of us are feeling overwhelmed. Starting today, we are going to try our best to bring a moment of positivity and inspiration to you each day so that we can #spreadlovenotgerms and #bemindfulnotfearful during this time. If you’re interested in using our platform to share a moment …

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