You Deserve to See the Light Within You

You deserve to see the light within you that others see about you. How often do we dismiss the love and compliments that others give to us because we aren’t able to see it for ourselves?

When we do that, we only create this cycle of feelings of not being good enough. We so often forget to see that we have this incredible light within us. This light that makes us who we are. We have this light of love, laughter, compassion, and kindness within us, among many other things.

The journey to finding the light within me was a long one. I think back to when I first found self-love, how liberating and freeing it was. After being tied down to negativity and negative people, I legitimately felt like I was walking away from chains that had held me back for so many years. Sometimes those chains like to come back and take hold. It’s been a rough few months for me, trying to shake the negativity. But it’s powerful to remember that I can break through those chains, and I do, all of the time. And you can too.

Those chains may feel heavy and feel like they have control, but you have the control to take back your life, to see the light within you, to see that you are an incredible person, despite what others have said to you in the past, despite all of the responses of “no” that you have heard for a job, or a relationship, or a dream, goal or anything. You are incredible, and strong and brilliant and hard-working, and kind and you have the ability to change the world.

Never let the world steal your light. Always remember that you have the strength and tools within you to break free of the chains that hold you back and to live your life being who you are and who you want to be.

We have light within us. The world tries to dim that light. But let it shine, brighter than before, continuously moving forward.

I needed this reminder myself today. Thanks for being here with me. Today I had no idea what to write about, I have been feeling like I’ve lost my light, this is the reminder to me and to you, that you can always get that light back.

Keep going.


Be Beautifully Simply You